The Jersey County Board of Review consists of three appointed members who have the power to hear and decide taxpayer complaints on the value or exempt status of property. That includes residential, commercial, industrial and condominium property as well as vacant land. The tax dollar is not a valid complaint for the Board of Review. They do not control the dollar amount due. The Board of Review only determines the assessed value of the property.

Filing a complaint with the Board of Review:

You should first contact your township assessor. He or she has the first opportunity to make an assessment change. You may reach an agreeable value with the assessor. If not, you should request a hearing with the Board of Review to file a complaint. Complaints must be filed within 30 days of publication of the assessment list in the newspaper. The complaint forms are found in the Documents and Forms tab.

A decision letter is then mailed with the Board of Review’s ruling.

If you are dissatisfied with the Board’s ruling you may appeal to the State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

Types of Evidence

You are required to bring proper documentation/evidence to support your request for a reduction. The following items can be presented as evidence:

  1. An exterior picture of your home or business and pictures of at least three (3) similar properties (in you neighborhood) that are comparable to yours.
  2. A copy of your Property Record Card and your comparable PRCs indicating that another assessment is lower than yours. (Copies of the Property Record Cards can be obtained from the Assessor’s office) or
  3. A copy of a recent appraisal report, sales contract, settlement statement or deed if available.

(If you need assistance with gathering evidence, please visit the Assessor’s office prior to your scheduled hearing date).

The Board of Review will hear your case, review your evidence, and rule on your appeal. You will be notified in writing of the decision.

Board of Review members:

Alli Deist – Chairman

Gary Krueger – Member

David Crone – Member


8AM – 4PM M–F

Phone: (618) 498-5571 x126

FAX: (618) 498-2375

EMAIL: countyassessor

200 North Lafayette, Ste 4
Jerseyville, IL 62052