Welcome to Jersey County Code Administration Office

Code Administrator: Cindy Cregmiles, CFM

The Building Division of the Code Administration Office is responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal standards to ensure the safety of the public. This is a necessary and important function that protects the health, life, safety, and welfare of the county’s residents and visitors. The Building & Floodplain Management Division of the Code Administration Office also oversees development within the County’s floodplains, ensuring that federal regulations are met. These regulations have been established to ensure that new construction or other changes in the land surrounding waterways will not increase flood risks anywhere in the County or neighboring communities. The Code Administration Office is also responsible for the public safety, health, and general welfare of Unincorporated Jersey County. This is accomplished by the adopted Codes of Ordinances, with the inclusion of the International Property Maintenance Code.

We take all inquiries seriously and appreciate your assistance in keeping Jersey County a great place to live.

To meet these responsibilities the Office provides the following services:

  • Application and plan reviews for new construction or alteration of existing structures.
  • Issues building, storm water development, and floodplain permits.
  • Performs inspections of new or substantially altered construction to assure that it meets the appropriate codes for approval.
  • Keeps track of the substantial improvements or damages of structures located in the floodplain.
  • Provides National Flood Insurance Protection information and is the Unincorporated Jersey County depository for Elevation Certificates.
  • Investigates complaints of environmental issues per the Property Maintenance Code.
  • Administrator of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Plan’s five year updates.
  • Prepares public hearings for the Board of Appeals.
  • Responsible for the application for preliminary plat for new Subdivision, coordinates the time limes for the Committee meetings, publications, notifications and for the County board approval of the final plat.
  • Issues permits for signs and billboards.


8AM – 4PM M–F

Phone: (618) 498-5571 x146

Cell: (618) 535-0909

FAX: (618) 498-2375

EMAIL: codeadmin1

200 North Lafayette, Ste 6
Jerseyville, IL 62052