It does not necessarily mean that you have made improvements to your house. For most homeowners, “improvements” include the house, any attached or separate garage, porch, wood deck, patio, barn, some sheds, etc. The value listed for “improvements” is the estimated combined value of all of these structures, including the house, as opposed to the value of the land itself. Any land that has a home or other structures built on it will always have a value listed for improvements. However, this does not suggest that any additions or changes have recently been made to your property.

The amount of taxes you pay is made up of two components: the assessed value of your property and the tax rates set by your individual taxing authorities, such as school and fire districts. The Assessor is required by law to establish the fair market value of property as of January 1 of the reassessment year. Taxing authorities set their own rates according to their budgetary needs and voter approval. If property values in their district go down, then taxing authorities may choose to roll their rates to make up for the loss in value. Jersey County only sets its own rate and has no control over other taxing authority’s rates.

The PIN is your Parcel Index Number which can be found on the top right corner of your property tax bill.

Houses, decks, porches, carports, most sheds, and farm buildings are assessed at 33 & 1/3 of fair market value.

Please refer to your closing papers. Typically, at a closing, you will be given a proportionate allowance/credit for the months you didn’t have ownership of the property and this amount to be used by the new owner when the property tax bill comes due.

We use the outside perimeter of the home to calculate the square footage. Your assessment is based on this. Your square footage calculation is most likely based on the inside square footage.

This is done to keep record that the person does still own the home and live there.  They may move in with someone and be renting the home to another party.


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