Property Maintenance Code Process

Code enforcement serves to maintain the quality of life for our residents, business owners, and visitors. Nuisance violations detract from the overall appearance of our homes, communities, neighborhoods, and rural areas. The code enforcement process is designed to help residents identify and correct violations in order to maintain a clean, safe, and well-kept county. A well-kept county increases property values and enhances community pride.

The process begins with a reactive inspection. “Reactive” means we received a complaint regarding the existence of a potential violation. The county reserves the right to act within the laws and ordinances to bring properties into compliance beyond the steps outlined below. The following is an example of the steps we take to work toward compliance:

Step 1 – Inspect the property

Step 2 – If the complaint is valid, we will issue a letter of Non-compliance that outlines the violations and a deadline for compliance. The letter is not a fine. If you need more time, call us….we are here to help. Communication is the best medicine!

Step 3 – If we have not been notified that the property is in compliance and the deadline to comply has passed, a re-inspection of the property will be completed. If we receive notice that the property is in compliance and passed re-inspection, the case will be closed.

Step 4 – If the property fails the inspection, we may issue a Second Notice warning the property owner that a citation will be issued to appear in court. A compliance date will be stated.

Step 5 – If we’ve exhausted all of our options to help you bring the property into compliance, we will issue a Citation to Appear in Court including fines and fees, and the case is then turned over to the State’s Attorney.

Step 6 – If the property is still not compliant, we will then have the violation abated (hire a contractor to address the violations). The cost of the abatement will be recouped by placing a lien on the property.

We do not like to issue fines, and it can be very costly for something that could easily be brought into compliance.

Call us to report a potential violation or use the electronic form. If you received a notice of violation and are not sure what it means, please call us at 618-498-5571 Ext. 145.


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