The office of the County Treasurer is responsible for mailing and collection of both real estate and mobile home tax bills.

Real Estate Tax and Mobile Home Tax due dates differ from year to year.

Real Estate taxes are always a year behind when billed. Mobile home taxes are the current year.

Real Estate taxes can be paid at any of the local banks in Jerseyville:

  • CNB Bank
  • Farmers State Bank
  • Royal Bank
  • 1st Midamerica Credit Union
  • Jersey State Bank
  • Jerseyville Banking Center

Real Estate taxes can be paid at these locations until the due date. Once they become delinquent taxes must be paid at the County Treasurer’s office located in the Jersey County Government Building or mailed to the address above.

Mobile home taxes can only be paid at the Treasurer’s office or mailed to same address.

Interest will be assessed on any taxes past the due dates.

The Tax Sale is held in the Auditorium of the Jersey County Government Building. Only the delinquent taxes are sold at the sale, not the property. If the taxes remain delinquent for 3 years the tax buyer can go to the courts and petition for a tax deed.

Once taxes are sold at the tax sale they have to be redeemed in the Jersey County Clerk’s Office.

Other responsibilities of this office are payroll, paying of bills outside the General fund, reconciling bank statements, working with the auditors, financial reports, filing of payroll taxes and reports.

Katie Abbey – Treasurer

Julie Lott – Chief Deputy

Becca Strang – Deputy


8AM – 4PM Mon–Fri

200 North Lafayette, Ste 5
Jerseyville, IL 62052

Phone: (618) 498-5571

ext. 109, 110, or 111

FAX: (618) 498-8256

Katie Abbey

Julie Lott – Chief Deputy

Becca Strang – Deputy