The office of the Supervisor of Assessments administers the property assessment cycle for the local real estate tax.

Office responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with elected township assessors.
  • Making name and address changes for tax billing.
  • Calculating farmland assessments from values that are certified by the Illinois Department of Revenue.
  • Applying equalization factors.
  • Assisting the Board of Review by providing needed information. For an explanation of its duties see Board of Review.
  • Assisting taxpayers in the preparation of the Senior Homestead Exemption and the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Application.
  • Processing other types of exemptions.
  • Maintaining mapping of aerial photography.
  • Compiling abstract information for the Illinois Department of Revenue.
The Supervisor of Assessments is appointed by the County Board for a four-year term. In Illinois, the level of assessment is to be 33 1/3 percent of market value. The assessed value of the property, minus any exemptions if applicable, is the base on which tax levies are calculated. The tax rate is determined by the property tax dollars each local taxing body needs to operate. That rate multiplied by the equalized assessed value results in the tax dollar amount on your tax statement.

Rate questions are answered by the County Clerk’s Office.

Anna Kronable Supervisor of Assessments (office is located on the second floor of the Government Building)

Christy Hayes – Chief Deputy

Tasha Wolfe – Chief Field Deputy

Tom Glynn – Township Assessor for Jersey/Fidelity/Ruyle

Pearl Fester – Township Assessor for Mississippi


8AM – 4PM M–F

Phone: (618) 498-5571 x126

FAX: (618) 498-2375

EMAIL: countyassessor

200 North Lafayette, Ste 4
Jerseyville, IL 62052