Subdividing my property – How and what do I need to do?

By setting standards for the subdivision of land, the developer provides for services and utilities, safe convenient access, and a desirable living environment.  Anyone wishing to subdivide their property into two or more parts with the intent of transferring ownership or development must first meet the provisions as outlined in the Illinois Plat Act (765 ILCS 205), and in accordance with the county’s subdivision ordinance and policies.  A subdivision plat is required when a parcel of land is subdivided into parcels containing less than five (5) acres.  There are two subdivision classifications.  They are:

Minor Subdivision – A division of land into not more than four (4) lots, for the purpose of transfer of ownership or possession or building development and not involving any new streets, roads, or easements.

Major Subdivision – Any subdivision which is located outside of or within the one-and-one-half mile of municipalities or villages’ corporate limits.

A flow chart showing the subdivision platting can be found here: Platting Process

To apply for a platted subdivision please click on the link: Preliminary Plat Procedures

Application, Processes, and Preliminary Plans

The development process can be complicated as we must meet local, state, and federal regulations.  The County Code Administrator will guide you through the process to reach your goal for a subdivision.  We advise the applicant to schedule a meeting with the County Code Administrator’s office to discuss the process of application, preliminary plat requirements, timeline, and the final plat approval by the Jersey County Board. Please refer to the County Fee Schedule for costs (link to county fee schedule)

Preliminary Plat

  • Pre-application conference with Code Administrator
  • Completed application and four (4) copies of the preliminary plat
  • Preliminary plat copies are distributed to departments for comments
  • Public notice published
  • The Code Administrator will forward to the Subdivision and Land Use Committee the application and comments for recommendation to the county board

Refer to the Jersey County Subdivision Ordinance for preliminary plat, improvement plans, and final plat specifications. Once the preliminary plat is approved the applicant submits the improvement plans.

Improvement Plan

  • Four (4) copies of the improvement plan are to be distributed to departments for review
  • County Engineer notifies the Board in writing his approval, conditional approval, or denial

Final Plat

  • Two (2) copies of the final plat filed with the Code Administrator and forwards a copy to the County Engineer for comments
  • Code Administrator takes the comments and final plat to the Subdivision and Land Use Committee for recommendation to the County Board


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